Quality & Affordability

Sutures are an expensive overhead in surgery.  

For the past 10 years we have imported high quality and affordable sutures by limiting our product range to a relevant size range specifically for cutaneous surgery. We now supply medical clinics throughout Australia.

 We have now increased our range of products to specifically cater for general Veterinary Surgery. The choice of thread thickness and needle size have been specifically chosen in consultation with a number of Veterinary Surgeons and should be suitable for the majority of your procedures.

The needles are German manufactured (FSSB), and are made with AISI 300 standard steel, which is the global gold standard as it gives excellent tensile strength and the sharpest needle performance, pass after pass.

Our suture manufacturer is a major global distributor to over 15 countries, and produces sutures on behalf of many of the major brands.

We are confident that our quality is equivalent to many of the well known brands currently on the market.

Ausutures Pty Ltd has an excellent product at a highly competitive price and and as assurance to the quality of the suture material will gladly offer a full money back guarantee should you wish.